Research & Analysis



We endeavor to study what drives people and their relationships to brands in the most meaningful manner, to inspire possibilities for future growth and development in the market. We also utilize Big-Data for more effective methods to derive more accurate results. The followings are the service for research & analysis: Big Data Collection & Analysis, IOT Device Research & Testing, Market Trend Research, User Experience Research including Usability Testing, Building a Customized Lab, Testware Development

What We Do In Research & Analysis

Through the systematic and objective identification, collection, analysis, dissemination and use of information from utilizing Big Data, we identify opportunities that may impact your marketing and business strategies with a team with 30 years experience of service.

We endeavor to study what drives people and their relationships to brands in the most meaningful manner, to inspire possibilities for future growth and development in the market. We give clients the information and perspective they need to inform key decisions that drive their businesses to success.

UX Development

With the focus on user experience across digital channels, Intac Solution covers all UX process stages, from conceptualization to implementation. We build digital experiences from scratch, or audit and redesign existing solutions.

We apply our design thinking and technology background to help you deliver engaging experiences for your customers.

Usability Audit

We examine your existing system or specification of the to-be-developed solution to identify key UX challenges and highlight areas for improvement.We have developed our own proprietary usability checklist to inspect UIs on potential accessibility, error tolerance, visual aesthetics issues, etc.

We check UI compliance with the industry-recognized usability principles by Weinschenk and Barker, Nielsen, and Gerhardt-Powals. We utilize heat maps and click maps to understand user behavior and reaction to UI elements and content, identify areas for improvements.

As a result, you will get a set of wireframes and detailed recommendations on usability improvements.

Information Architecture

We build optimized information architectures to help your users find their way within your app or system quickly and easily. We perform iterative tree testing, click testing with target users and label hierarchy audit to find issues in system structure, content organization, labeling and navigation, and fix them.

UI Development

We deliver user interface design and development services to make your software solutions more usable and visually appealing thus ensuring consistent cross-platform user experience. Besides, our UI team also focuses on the UX aspects not visible to users directly, but critical to application usability, such as latency, startup time, error handling, and automated tasks completed with no direct interaction with a user.

Interaction Design

We analyze how users interact with interfaces, and create experiences that give users glues about the behavior before actions are taken, and simplify them for learnability. We create interaction design considering system feedback and response time, and think about each element strategically to anticipate and mitigate potential errors.



Cross-validated by developing two models.

Marketing-and media-mix modeling

Using advanced econometrics methods and experience to deliver more accurate results.


We authored ChoiceModelR, a leading R language, open-source program shared freely with researchers all across the glove.

Proprietary software systems

Incorporate sophisticated survey simulate (3D animation, simulated environments, shelf-sets, timed exposures, etc)


For conducting "what-if" and optimization exercises.


  • - Product co-creation lab
  • - Usability lab with Morae Software
  • - Live reflection of mobile devices
  • - In-house proprietary scheduling + survey software
  • - Live streaming focus groups
  • - Market research online communities
  • - Online focus groups
  • - Diary software


  • - Applices data science techniques
  • - Increase focus of "big data: business intelligence and insight generation
  • - Addition of otherwise unobservable consumer preferences to "big data" platforms provides focus for predictive analytics.
  • - Enables investigation of hundreds or thousands of marketing approaches via simulation.