Software Consulting


What Kind of software or hardware do you do you need?

We can help you with identifying target needs and refine your value proposition to implement development for automation testing tools, robotic arms, and test ware with highly experienced software and hardware developers.

Software Consulting

Software consulting services help you focus on what you really need and align technology, operational and financial objectives.

As a software consulting company, Intac Solution offers a blend of technology knowledge, data mining and analytical tools to help you create and transform applications, processes and operations in line with your unique possibilities.

Open-source Technologies

Intac Solution gives priority to the solutions based on open standards, amid their flexibility and cost efficiency.

Adherence to Quality & security

Intac Solution uses Attribute Elements and Trade-off Analysis for architecture design that focus on quality attribute requirements and risks minimization.

Best practices & market insights

To stay ahead of the curve, we tapped into partnership programs with the world-leading industry.

Experience-based knowledge

Our down‑to‑code experience as a software development company enables us to observe technologies from the practical side, day by day enriching our expertise that we willingly share with customers.



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Machine Learning

Intac Solution builds, trains, validates,
and deploys tailored ML models that discover patterns and learn from the provided datasets and historical data.

IOT Services

Our Approach is structured around the emergence of an IoT ecosystem which has given rise to an asset value chain comprising of connections of things, data, process and people.